The Stories of HOPE

Today we are recording interviews with some of our past patients and current staff for a partnership event coming up in May with 106.7 The Light. This is an exciting opportunity for HOPE and for pregnancy centers in Tennessee and the Carolinas. We will have more details on this in the near future, but today [...]

Loved, Valued, and Respected

We recently added some wall art to the main hallway of HOPE. These simple black and white canvases provide a glimpse into the heart of HOPE with three very specific and intentional words: Loved, Valued, and Respected. I realize that for some these are mere words without a great deal of meaning, but for us [...]

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The senseless attack on innocent people this past weekend has captured the minds, hearts, and discussions of the American people. This isn’t the first time we have seen an attack on our soil and, sadly, this will probably not be the last. A coward has once again decided to force parents, siblings, and friends to [...]

The Only Option

“Abortion is my only option.” This statement is made every single day by a countless number of men and women. What do you do when you hear this statement? Do you get angry? Do you cry? Do you walk away? Do you make judgements? Do you do anything? This statement is going to cause many [...]

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