We recently added some wall art to the main hallway of HOPE. These simple black and white canvases provide a glimpse into the heart of HOPE with three very specific and intentional words: Loved, Valued, and Respected.

I realize that for some these are mere words without a great deal of meaning, but for us and our patients, these words penetrate a deep-seated brokenness that tends to manifest itself during times of crisis.

Many of those that find their way to HOPE carry with them a reality, no matter how temporary that might be, lacking in love, value, and respect. They have pasts that rightly or wrongly are driving their present and future.

Poor family dynamics, abuse, and addiction tend to be a common theme of our patients. No one has taken the time during this brokenness to define love, value, and respect. Instead, they have witnessed a fracturing or even a redefining of these terms. This is damaging to one’s psyche.

HOPE’s mission must start with defining these terms as we practically illustrate how the “others” in our lives deserve to be loved, valued, and respected. Our patients don’t have to earn this from us. This type of care comes from their bearing God’s image. This truth alone must drive our interaction with them.

This isn’t a facade put on by “do-gooders” seeking some type of pat on the back. Instead, this is a group of broken people loving and serving a group of broken people. True, our pasts and our stories may vary from that of our patients, but we all share in the fallen nature of humanity.

Telling our patients that they, through their Creator, deserve our love, value, and respect will go a long way in providing the freedom we all long for. This is what the gospel does…it frees.

Because of the support of the local church and individuals in this city, we are able to proclaim to our patients that the love being poured out for them is not a minuscule blip on the radar, but is actually being poured out by the sovereign Ruler of the universe and His Church.

Every service they are provided at HOPE happens because they are loved, valued, and respected. People all over our city and this country continue to stand for these patients in need. Every check written, prayer prayed, and volunteer service is done with our patients in mind.

This is huge news for a young lady that feels like the world is caving in on her. This is huge news for the young man that feels alone in his addiction. This is huge news for the married couple dealing with infertility.

These aren’t just mere words to coerce people to come over to our side. These words drive us to clear and decisive action in serving our neighbor. We proclaim this truth every single day at HOPE and can do that knowing that thousands in and around our city choose to stand with us. Your standing is working and today someone you may never meet better understands their worth because you did!

posted by Andrew Wood, Executive Director of Hope Resource Center