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An Important Update from Andrew

What is my best use? I have wrestled with this question since June 24, 2022 and the Dobbs decision that ultimately overturned Roe. When I took the role of Executive Director at HOPE back in 2015 I had a strong desire to lead a team, advocate for life, and get off of the sidelines and [...]

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A Helpful Framework

I have been thinking a lot lately about my motivation and my engagement in culture, in politics, and in the greater discussion surrounding life and abortion. What drives my action and/or inaction? As I have wrestled with this in my own life I have formulated a framework that helps me better understand my motivations, my [...]

A Hero, a Villain, or a Ghost

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men… Frederick Douglass I recently came across this quote from Frederick Douglass and was amazed at the simple, yet profound truth these few words offer. Douglass wasn’t arguing for a culture or practice that chooses to not repair broken men. Instead, he was pointing [...]

The I’m For’s

This past Sunday, Jan 22, 2023, would have been the 50th anniversary of the Roe decision. This anniversary, however, never came to be because of June 24, 2022 and the reversal of the Roe decision. I have spent the past month visiting churches, attending meetings in DC, and discussing a post-Roe US with life-affirming leaders [...]

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Here I Stand

Over the past few months I have been intentional with my communication to you on the goings on in our society, culture, and political realities surrounding the abortion and life issue in light of the June 24th overturning of Roe. Today’s correspondence is in relation to that and the recent letter of seven current United States Senators. [...]

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Big Tech Attacks on Pregnancy Centers

I wanted to make you aware of a recent trend in tech to target, misinform, and malign organizations like HOPE. This trend is concerning but it is not surprising. Over the past few months, life-affirming organizations have been targeted physically, legislatively, and now via big-tech. These entities have no reservations on spreading lies about our [...]

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Abortion Searches Are Up Across Tennessee

We have spent the last year looking inward at our practices and outward at our patients trying to decide how we can better reach those in our city that are in vulnerable situations facing unplanned pregnancies and seriously contemplating abortion. This research and focused effort have produced some staggering data as we get a glimpse [...]

The Hard Stuff

The old me would have seen these riots and protests through the lens of politics. What will they mean for the elections coming up both locally and nationally? Will this help my team or not? That is not my view today. The brokenness we currently see in our world is raw and very real. Is [...]

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