Eight Hours and Eighteen Baby Showers

This past week, we were fortunate enough to host 18 baby showers for first-time moms at HOPE. For eight hours, we welcomed moms, dads, families, and friends inside our walls to celebrate the arrival of a little boy or little girl. This is nothing new at HOPE as we host baby showers every quarter, but [...]

HOPE In and Out of the Exam Room

HOPE is blessed, through the support of our partners, to serve men and women in our city holistically...mind, body, and spirit. One of the ways we are able to meet the needs of our patients outside of the exam room is through parenting education. Through our education program we are able to equip, mentor, and [...]

The One that is Hope

The Christmas story clearly shows that the hope of the universe is a person. Hope was what the angels sang about. Hope lay in the manger. Hope caused Mary to wonder in her heart. It was hope the shepherds came to worship. Hope was presented with gifts from the Magi who had traveled so far. [...]

What Happens When a Patient’s Water Breaks the Morning of Her Baby Shower? We Move the Baby Shower to the Delivery Room!

As many of you know, HOPE provides roughly 50 to 60 baby showers every single year. These showers are a consistent highlight to our year as we get to experience the love of a mother for her child, the outpouring of support from our community, and the impact love has on broken situations. We recently [...]

Follow Up

The work we do here at HOPE goes beyond the interaction in the room with our patients. Oftentimes, we follow up with our patients to check on them and to offer assistance. Our detractors like to paint “pro-lifers” as hateful extremists, but in reality, we are broken people seeking to love broken people. We just [...]


I recently was asked in a radio interview about Knoxville’s need for a place like HOPE. The question went something like this, “Aren’t abortion numbers on the decline? If so…why is HOPE needed?” This question wasn’t meant to be a shot at me or HOPE. I actually think the interviewer knew the answer and wanted [...]

Conversations Matter

A few weeks ago I discussed the narrative of our day; a narrative that is destructive to life. I focused on the work of pregnancy centers and putting our pro-life stance to action. Today I want to expound on that and discuss changes that can be made in our conversations as we continue to wade [...]

The Real Issue

The past few weeks our television screens have been littered with debate, tears, and press conferences concerning gun control. We have heard from those on the Right and the Left. We have heard from the pro-gun lobby and the anti-gun lobby. I have strong opinions on this issue, but that is a post for another [...]

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