HOPE is blessed, through the support of our partners, to serve men and women in our city holistically…mind, body, and spirit. One of the ways we are able to meet the needs of our patients outside of the exam room is through parenting education.

Through our education program we are able to equip, mentor, and provide for first-time moms and dads as they prepare for the arrival of their child. Each class session culminates with a baby shower.

Every Year at HOPE, we have the opportunity to provide close to 50 baby showers for these families. Leading up to these showers, we have had the opportunity to provide pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, education, and mentoring to each of of these patients as we have built relationships, formed bonds, and fostered trust.

The Model of Love practiced at HOPE occurs in and out of the exam room as we answer the call to love our neighbor. You help us answer this call by mentoring, wrapping gifts, and donating funds. We provided 11 baby showers in three days over the last week, but the work to make that happen occured over multiple weeks as you partnered with us.

A mom today better understands her love, value, and respect because HOPE, along with our partners, was there during her time of need. We have provided around 1,000 baby showers at HOPE since 1997. This number provides a glimpse into the impact you have had on moms, dads, and babies.

In a just a couple of months, these first-time moms will welcome their baby into the world. For those of us that are parents, we know how chaotic this time can be, but because of your support and a HOPE shower, these moms won’t have to worry about clothes, diapers, wipes, a bathtub, a stroller, lotion, or even a car seat. These items were provided freely to these families for this moment.

You helped us remove obstacles for our patients as we seek to bring some sense of calm during a very chaotic time. Somewhere in Knoxville tonight, a young mom feels HOPE and love as she lays her little girl in a pack-n-play she received at her baby shower. That is a truth we have celebrated for over 20 years and, Lord willing, will celebrate for at least 20 more!

Partner with a gift or your time today and help us continue to provide these baby showers for families in need!

Enjoy the pictures below from last week’s baby showers!

posted by Andrew Wood, Executive Director