In Her Own Words

Every year we produce, with the help of some pretty talented artists and photographers, a Year End booklet to share with you. These booklets tell the story of HOPE. They allow you to get a glimpse of the impact that your dollars, prayers, and time are having on this community. This year’s theme, “A Thrill [...]

Because You Give

Today is “Giving Tuesday” and we are currently in the middle of our Year-End fundraising campaign. Fundraising is a must in our line of work, but, as I have said before, fundraising is not our goal; it is simply a vehicle used to reach our goal. Non-profit work, by nature, requires your gifts. We could [...]

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Now What

The seemingly never ending election has finally reached its culmination. Late tonight or early tomorrow we will be introduced to our 45th President. The feelings of the electorate will be mixed…some will celebrate while others feel a sense of disappointment. The two major political parties will go into spin mode and we will hear their [...]

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A Vehicle

Non-profits must fundraise to meet their budgets. HOPE is no different. We offer all of our services at no cost to our patients and provide roughly $550,000 worth of services every single year for men and women in this community. Fundraising, however, is simply a vehicle. It is not our end goal or motivation. Instead, [...]


Many of you are well aware that HOPE isn’t your typical medical clinic. We celebrate our medical expertise and the services we are able to offer, but this is not all we do. We, thankfully, are able to serve our patients holistically…mind, body, and spirit. We understand that many of our patients’ needs go far [...]

Looking Forward

The first post of the New Year is a difficult one. Should I reflect on the past year? Should I discuss our year-end fundraising efforts? Should I tell a story? Should I provide statistics? Should I discuss what is to come? I find it impossible to only focus on one thing. I could devote the [...]

Year End

Dear Friends of HOPE, What a difference a year makes. We have been blown away at the work of our Lord in 2015. We consider it an honor to partner with you in this gospel work as we seek to impact this community in a very big way. The staff here at HOPE is truly [...]

Thanks for Standing

The staff at HOPE has been blown away the past couple of weeks with your generosity, heart, and engagement for life. I write and talk quite a bit about Christians being called to action. I encourage people all the time to get off the sidelines and get their hands dirty. We are always pushing and, [...]

Two Teams…One Difference

Christian Academy of Knoxville and Grace Christian Academy have been long-time rivals on the football field. Every year, the big CAK vs. GCA football game brings with it much anticipation and excitement. This game is even frequently televised as WBIR’s Prep Xtra game of the week or WVLT’s Rivalry Thursday game of the week. All [...]

Life Matters

Thank you so much for your stance on life. It is truly an honor to work alongside folks like you in this much needed and very rewarding cause. This cause is what motivated my blog today. The cause of life and abortion is the defining issue of our generation. In the past few months we [...]