The seemingly never ending election has finally reached its culmination. Late tonight or early tomorrow we will be introduced to our 45th President. The feelings of the electorate will be mixed…some will celebrate while others feel a sense of disappointment. The two major political parties will go into spin mode and we will hear their plans for the uncertain future. Of course, an uncertain future has never stopped bold pontifications from pundits everywhere.

My goal today is not to add to the anger that seems to be fueling voting blocs across this great land. Instead, I would like to point us to some certainties that we are facing in the coming days, weeks, months, and years.

Hope Resource Center and 2500 other pregnancy centers across this country will be opening their doors tomorrow. The thousands of staff and volunteers will make their way to their phones and offices. Thousands of pregnancy tests and ultrasounds will be performed and countless numbers of lives will be impacted and saved.

This is our reality. This is what drives us yesterday, today, and forever. We don’t have time to revel in victory or grovel in defeat. We have an opportunity, instead, to face tomorrow with grace and humility as we prepare to serve those in need.

Elections have consequences and voting is very important but we must never get lost in the minutia of politics and forget about the larger mission of life. We have work to do and our work is still very much needed in this community and around this country.

Our identity is not found in a political candidate or a political party. We must be engaged and active in elections but it can never stop there. If we ever hope to see life given its proper place in priority, we must seek to engage and be active in our communities as well.

I can promise you that there is a pro-life clinic near you right now putting in countless hours of work to see that abortion vulnerable women are being provided the care and love they need. This clinic was founded and opened for that purpose. A need was revealed and a solution was put in place.

Stand, pray, and give to that clinic today and seek to impact thousands in your community.

So, mourn tonight if you must. Celebrate tonight if you choose. But, tomorrow when that sun rises in the east and your dreams are interrupted by your alarm, I urge you to not let the result of this election distract you from the work being done on the ground and in the trenches for life.

This life-work is driven by a love for our neighbor, not anger or bitterness toward our “enemy” or opponent. We invite you to join us in this movement as we seek to see life celebrated at every stage. Your support and encouragement is greatly appreciated!

posted by Andrew Wood, Executive Director of Hope Resource Center