I wanted to make you aware of a recent trend in tech to target, misinform, and malign organizations like HOPE. This trend is concerning but it is not surprising. Over the past few months, life-affirming organizations have been targeted physically, legislatively, and now via big-tech. These entities have no reservations on spreading lies about our work. As Yelp and Google misinform the populous about the work of places like HOPE, our three Nurse Practitioners and four Registered Nurses serve women in need. This dichotomy isn’t lost on me.

Above Image: Yelp adds a harmful and untrue notice to life-affirming organizations like HOPE.

This is why your partnership and our work is so important in a post-Roe America. We are spending a lot of time and resources to reach women in need and this battle will only intensify as Yelp, Google, and social media platforms seek to hinder our work. I’ll be honest, these attacks have brought about some anger and frustration. This anger and frustration does not, however, drive me to act out in hate. Instead, this anger and frustration furthers my resolve and the resolve of HOPE to double down on our work and the service we provide to Knoxville.

This doubling down doesn’t happen as a solo act by organizations like HOPE. No, we will only succeed with YOU! We are prepared to make certain that these lies and misinformation will not hinder the work of HOPE and the needs of women and babies in our community.

I don’t typically send out correspondence with this tone, but the current environment we find ourselves in deserves a poignant and direct response and plan to make for certain that every woman that finds herself in need will find HOPE in Knoxville.

I am honored to serve in such a time as this, and we are prepared to stand firm as our culture points its ire at life-affirming organizations. I appreciate your prayers, your partnership, and your willingness to stand.

Join us in this fight today.

posted by Andrew Wood, Executive Director