I am continuing my Advent study this week with Paul David Tripp’s latest book, “Come Let Us Adore Him.” I realize that I cited some of his work in last week’s post, but I couldn’t help but go back to him again this week as we look to the hope set before us.

This season is a sweet one for Christians as we celebrate the first Advent and long for the Second Advent…Jesus’ return. I know this may sound overly spiritual to some, but this is where my head and heart is today as we quickly approach December 25th.

Read along as Tripp points us to the Greater hope:

Because we are made in God’s image, we are hardwired for hope. You and I are always putting our hope in something. If you listen, you will realize that we communicate with the language of hope all the time.

I sure hope it doesn’t rain today.

I hope she isn’t mad at me.

I hope I can do what I promised.

I hope they win the championship.

I hope they can get along for once.

I hope this sickness isn’t something serious.

I hope when I get home, there will be something to eat.

I hope I can do something worthwhile with my life.

I hope what I’ve believed proves to be true.


I am persuaded that the language of hope is on our lips so much because we live in a world where hope seems temporary or is often dashed.

This hit me hard today as I reflected on my life and the lives of our patients. We are, intrinsically, a hopeful people, but we are also a broken people that have seen our hope dashed time and time again. We have witnessed our friends, family, and coworkers fail us, and we have watched as our best laid plans fail those same people.

We understand the sense of hopelessness our patients face because we, ourselves, have faced it too. We are not exempt from despair, but we have a truth that can restore the darkest of days. We have a message that very literally brings the dead to life.

We do not know what the next year holds for us, but we do know that there is much to HOPE for! This is the message that you help us share every single day, and lives are being transformed because of it! Thanks for partnering with us!

posted by Andrew Wood, Executive Director of Hope Resource Center