We are currently right in the middle of our “Life Matters” prayer initiative. We have been blown away by the support and participation of so many around our state and country. The Lord is doing some amazing work through some amazing people as many are deciding to come out of the shadows and stand for life. There are many out there, however, that would like to resurrect Friedrich Nietzsche and his famous statement proclaiming the death of God. This is argued, but it is as false now as it was when Nietzsche said it. For we know that God is alive, well, and reigning today, as He was before the foundation of the world.

We currently have 31 states represented to pray with us this week; Blue states and Red states standing together calling out to a very alive God for every life. We have received emails and messages from folks all over the country proclaiming their eagerness and excitement to pray for those standing for life and those standing against life. Why are they reaching out? Why are they taking time out of their days to pray? We do this because prayer works. We do this because we know that we cannot truly celebrate life without first celebrating the life Giver. He, God, is the one that is the true Overseer. He is the one that can truly make an impact. He is the one that can change hearts and minds. He uses us, yes, but He is the one actually doing the reforming and transforming. It is this truth that puts us on our face calling out to Him.

It is this truth that motivates clinics and individuals to pray for those they adamantly disagree with. We are praying specifically for pro-life clinics, but we are also praying for abortion clinics all over the world. We are praying for Planned Parenthood even as they perform God-offending work with babies. Why do we do this? Why would I pray for Cecile Richards, CEO of Planned Parenthood? Why would I care about the heart of someone I vehemently stand against? I pray for them because I know that no one is out of God’s reach, no one is a lost cause, no one should be put on the shelf, and no one lacks worthiness. I pray because I know that God saves, transforms, restores, and breaks chains. God brings about freedom to those in bondage!

Our take on prayer will not be celebrated on the news tonight. Our take will not be discussed in the paper on Sunday. Our take may not even be referred to at Church this week. We are fine with this. We simply want folks to know that being pro-life means more than just liking babies. We are pro-life because life is more than just a choice…it is a gift from God. We are pro-life because every breath is precious. We are pro-life because God’s image bearer is worthy of love, care, respect, and dignity. We are delighted that prayers are going up this week in a very bold fashion. We are delighted that abortion clinics, this week, are being saturated in prayer. We are delighted to know that women and men facing an unplanned pregnancy are being brought to the throne. We are delighted that the Bride, the church, is being lifted up to the Lord. This week is a very sweet time, but it must not end on the 17th. We must continue to take clinics, churches, parents, and babies to the Lord in prayer.

The God we serve cares about His people. The God we serve is not distant, disconnected, or reactionary. Our God is alive, engaged, and in the moment. He loves you and seeks you right where you are. The God of the universe that holds the stars in the sky also has you on His mind. Let this truth sink in today as you go to Him in prayer. Let that truth penetrate every bit of your soul. You matter. You are worthy. You deserve love. This is all true because you are an image bearer. If this is true for you then it must be true for those you stand in opposition with. This is a difficult aspect of truth to grasp, but one we should practice more often. Stand for what is right and all that is good, but never neglect praying for those that refuse to stand with you. For we know that no one is out of God’s reach. Trust Him and step out in faith as you step out for life!

posted by Andrew Wood, Executive Director of Hope Resource Center