Today at HOPE is a bit different for our staff. Today, we are blessed to welcome back a host of former parenting class participants and their babies for a HOPE reunion! The most beautiful part about today, however, is that the prompting for this event actually came from our patients. These patients didn’t just receive [...]

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A Life Ethic

Our life ethic and our desire to stand for the most vulnerable in our society will determine the course of our future. I do not wish to over-dramatize our current societal norms, but I do believe we have reached a precipice. One would not have to venture too far into a history book to see [...]

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In Her Own Words

Every year we produce, with the help of some pretty talented artists and photographers, a Year End booklet to share with you. These booklets tell the story of HOPE. They allow you to get a glimpse of the impact that your dollars, prayers, and time are having on this community. This year’s theme, “A Thrill [...]

A Vehicle

Non-profits must fundraise to meet their budgets. HOPE is no different. We offer all of our services at no cost to our patients and provide roughly $550,000 worth of services every single year for men and women in this community. Fundraising, however, is simply a vehicle. It is not our end goal or motivation. Instead, [...]

From Anger to Love

September 11, 2001 brought so much anger, disgust, and fear. None of us knew what the days before us would bring. The great America was no longer untouchable. We had become vulnerable and the enemy attacked that vulnerability. This day 15 years ago changed the lives of so many. It left kids orphaned, wives widowed, [...]

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Follow Up

The work we do here at HOPE goes beyond the interaction in the room with our patients. Oftentimes, we follow up with our patients to check on them and to offer assistance. Our detractors like to paint “pro-lifers” as hateful extremists, but in reality, we are broken people seeking to love broken people. We just [...]

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