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Parenting in the Desert

As a parent, I can testify there is no hurt that compares to the pain of watching your child hurt. Anyone who watched their child struggle with hurt, pain, fear, and loss would liken it to daggers of fire piercing their hearts. Been there, done that. I have said more than once that I would [...]

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Today at HOPE is a bit different for our staff. Today, we are blessed to welcome back a host of former parenting class participants and their babies for a HOPE reunion! The most beautiful part about today, however, is that the prompting for this event actually came from our patients. These patients didn’t just receive [...]

Another Mom and Baby Loved

Every year, HOPE, with your help, throws over 50 baby showers for first-time moms. These moms have participated in parenting classes and mentoring, and are well on their way to providing for their child. These baby showers point to the truth of what we do. We love mom and baby before, during, and after the [...]

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A Life Ethic

Our life ethic and our desire to stand for the most vulnerable in our society will determine the course of our future. I do not wish to over-dramatize our current societal norms, but I do believe we have reached a precipice. One would not have to venture too far into a history book to see [...]

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Celebrate the Victories

This past week many in the life-movement had their eyes on Ohio and the “Heartbeat Bill” that found itself on Governor Kasich’s desk. I do not have space here to explain the entire piece of legislation but, in essence, this bill sought to prohibit abortion if a heartbeat was detected. This wasn’t the only bill [...]

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