Every year, HOPE, with your help, throws over 50 baby showers for first-time moms. These moms have participated in parenting classes and mentoring, and are well on their way to providing for their child.

These baby showers point to the truth of what we do. We love mom and baby before, during, and after the pregnancy. Our pro-life ethic is not based on proximity…in or out of the womb. It is, instead, all inclusive.

We had the pleasure a couple of weeks ago to continue this very worthy tradition as we brought in five moms to shower with gifts. For many of our patients, their HOPE shower will be their only baby shower during the pregnancy. We understand this and always encourage support systems and, of course, always welcome family and friends to join in this moment with these moms.

It is in joyous occasions like this that doubt can creep in. We all find ourselves in these moments. The toughness of our realities can often make the day-to-day difficult. We start to believe the lie…no one cares. This happens to the best of us and our patients are no different.

We desire for our patients to understand that they are loved and cared for. This truth is why a group of women from Providence came in and transformed our conference room into a beautiful venue, prepared food, and prayed for these moms.

Whether the patient realizes it or not, there is an army of support behind them.

This is illustrated in a very real way at each of these baby showers as patients are lavished with gifts. These items don’t just appear at HOPE. They are donated by people like you. Every single item and service we provide happens because of our community partners. We could not do what we do without you, is not a throwaway line at HOPE. It was true in 1997 and it is true in 2017.

This is why I try to be available for every baby shower at HOPE. I love seeing people love people. These showers bear witness to that as our mentors, staff, and community partners continue to show up.

We have been at this work for 20 years and we pray that the Lord would see fit to give us 20 more, but regardless of how much time we are allotted, it is safe to say that baby showers and people loving people will always be a constant as long as HOPE continues to open its doors.

posted by Andrew Wood, Executive Director of Hope Resource Center