A few weeks ago, with the help of Amanda May Photography, we were able to provide maternity photo sessions for our patients. We took them to UT Gardens here in Knoxville and pampered them for a few hours.

Why do this? What does this have to do with being a medical clinic? What does this have to do with being pro-life? In short, everything!

Here at HOPE we believe strongly that our medical services not only change lives, but save them as well. This is why we are open daily and have seven medical professionals on our staff. We also believe that our patients deserve firsts, not seconds or thirds. This is why we offer non-medical services, like parenting classes, mentoring, and baby showers, as well.

This holistic model that we are able to offer allows us to meet many of the needs both medical and non-medical of our patients. We want our patients to know that someone loves them, values them, and respects them. Unfortunately, many of our patients haven’t experienced that type of love in the past.

Our free services coupled with this photo session creates a safe atmosphere for our patients to flourish in. Capturing their pregnancy with celebratory photos removes judgment and assists our patients in recognizing their worth and their baby’s worth.

Sure, the coming days may bring some difficulties, but the support of HOPE and our partners prove to our patients they are not in this alone. They have people standing with them to help foster success in their parenting journey.

Pregnancy centers across this country are constantly looking for ways to better serve our patients. We desire for abortion to be a thing of the past, sure, but we also desire for the men and women of our cities to understand that life is not the alternative choice. This understanding comes when patients are shown the love they deserve.

Yes, making a decision to carry a pregnancy to term in the midst of a crisis situation is difficult, but making that decision becomes an easier reality when you have a team of supporters behind you.

We know the difference an ultrasound or a word of congratulations can mean to a young woman facing an unplanned pregnancy. These patients don’t need someone to manipulate or coerce them into a decision. They, instead, need to be loved and talked to like the Image bearer they are.

We believe this love was shown on a cold fall day here in Knoxville a few weeks ago as Amanda May captured the beauty of our patients and their great anticipation as they anxiously await the arrival of their child. These moments of celebration in times of unplanned circumstances can change everything for these young families. You, through your support, make that a reality. Thanks for standing and being a part of our team as we stand with these patients and their babies!



posted by Andrew Wood, Executive Director of Hope Resource Center