My plans for today’s post were changed last night. I had toyed with a few different ideas. I thought about tackling the abortion law in OK and what that means for the pro-life movement, sharing my opinion on Miley Cyrus and her new partnership with the largest abortion provider in the country, or diving into the bathroom debate that is plaguing every single news cycle. I had these plans, but then my son prayed last night…

That’s right, my five-year-old son changed my focus with his simple, but meaningful prayer. I would like to tell you that I pray with my kids every night, but that would be a lie. We attempt to pray every night and are successful about half the time. Last night was one of those successful nights.

I would also like to tell you that I initiated this family prayer time, but that would be another lie. The truth is, my two-year-old daughter looked at me last night and said, “Daddy, will you pray?” The only appropriate answer here is in the affirmative. So…I prayed for our family, friends, and praised God for the blessings provided to us.

This prayer prompted my son, Gavin, to have his own conversation with the Author of life. This is when things changed for me. I listened as Gavin dug deep, as deep as a five-year-old can, and reached out in thanksgiving to the Lord.

The part of his prayer that struck me was when he said, “Thank you God for moms, dads, and babies.” This is a very simple, yet profound thought. This is the pro-life movement in a nutshell. We are PRO every life! This stance, as I have said many times, does not stop at the womb.

I can’t help but think about the impact we could have on this society and its narrative if we all would follow my five-year-old’s lead and pray for moms, dads, and babies. I love the innocence of a child. They haven’t had time to be jaded or maligned by the world. They see things in very simple and literal terms. They understand what we sometimes fail to grasp because we see life through a distorted lens.

The heart of my son was on display last night. He, at some level, understands and appreciates the roles his mom, dad, and baby sister play in his life. He couldn’t articulate the pro-life mission statement or give you a detailed account of its history, but he does appreciate the value of life. He sees the newness of creation all around him. He is mesmerized by a plane in the sky, a frog in the pool, a worm in the dirt, and a well-built truck (strange I know, but we love trucks at the Wood house.)

Our distorted lens, at times, will not allow us to appreciate the newness of creation. We fail to recognize that frog, worm, or plane. We are too busy to fool with “childish” things. We are too “old” to get lost in the newness. This is a very sad truth.

Have you ever thought about the difference this could make in our society, homes, or work places if we would just take time to appreciate the newness of creation? Do you appreciate the soft cry of a newborn, the beautiful glow of a mother-to-be, or the joyful tears of a man that just found out he will soon be a dad?

This is what I learned from my son last night. I fail to recognize the newness. I get frustrated when Gavin interrupts my “important” work to show me the splendor of a jet in the clear blue sky. I get lost in my world while Gavin gets lost in God’s world.

I am not arguing to sit under the teaching of your kids. My five-year-old can enlighten me at times, but he also struggles to control his emotions, wipe his bottom, or give himself a bath. I am, however, encouraging you to be open to the newness. Embrace the creation around you and let it point you to the Creator above you.

Allowing this to creep into our lives will go a long way in seeing that heart change we so desire in society. Pray today for moms, dads, and babies and remember that we all were once that baby or that five-year-old that enjoyed getting lost in the newness around us – a newness that can only point us to a greater, simple, and profound truth that every human life, at every age, has intrinsic value. That’s a truth worth sharing and celebrating!

posted by Andrew Wood, Executive Director of Hope Resource Center