The next couple of weeks at HOPE will look a bit different as our medical personnel participate in sonography training. We currently have five well-trained medical professionals that are able to provide limited obstetrical ultrasounds. That number will become six after this training is complete as another one of our Nurse Practitioners becomes certified. We take pride in this work and our staff’s ability, but why do the training, spend the money, and put in the time?

As a leader I often ask myself “Why?” I want to always reassure my team and our supporters of the ‘why’ at HOPE. Training is no different. We must ask ourselves…why do we train?

This seems simple enough, right? We train to be better at our skill. We train to be efficient. We train to be knowledgeable. These are all true statements, but I want to go deeper. I want our “Why” to tell the world about HOPE and our motives. I want our work to clearly outline our desired goals.

This is why HOPE is devoting the next couple of weeks to training of our staff. We desire to be the most equipped staff in the medical world. Is this because we simply want to the best? Is this because we want to win? Is this because we want to puff out our own chests and receive accolades from the world?

Accolades, winning, and being prideful is what defines success in our culture, but these desires, when controlling your motivation, can be very dangerous. These desires are inwardly focused. These desires require you to love self over others. This is not the driver of HOPE.

Our motivation to stay equipped, to be the best, and to reach our desired goals is a simple one. Our motivation is the people we see day in and day out. It is the men and women that find their way to HOPE. It is the young woman facing an untimely or unplanned pregnancy. It is a young man that is facing a crossroads in his life and is in need. This is why we seek to train.

This type of motivation is in direct contrast to that of an abortion clinic. These clinics claim to be motivated by “women’s health” and the needs of the people, but their actions prove otherwise. Their deep desire to grow their bank accounts and expand their budget lines off the backs of the most vulnerable clearly illustrates their motives – motives that are inwardly focused.

HOPE has been in operation for 19 years. Since day one we have desired to see this community impacted and served well. This desire is what drives us to excel. We do this out of duty, not out of pride. We excel for our patients, not our bank account or budget.

This is made possible by you! We could not meet the needs of this community or achieve the level of training we have scheduled this week and next without the support of our community partners – community partners that donate their time, prayers, gifts, and finances.

We take pride in our work at HOPE, but this pride is not about our growth or our achievements. We take pride in this work because we care deeply about this community. We want to be the best because our patients deserve the best. We want to be well equipped because our patients deserve a staff well equipped. We want to be unselfish because our patients deserve our focus.

This isn’t a new concept, but it is one I think society neglects from time to time. We have been called to this work. We see HOPE as an opportunity to stand for those in need. We see HOPE as an opportunity to see life celebrated and valued. This is why we employ seven medical professionals, four Nurses and three Nurse Practitioners. Our patients deserve this type of care.

Our medical staff and nursing volunteers, collectively, have 153 years of experience in the medical field. We don’t tout this number to boast about our “greatness;” instead, we tout this number to show that our patients are in great hands when they find their way to HOPE.

Many pro-life detractors will seek to diminish and deflate the work of clinics like HOPE. They desire to see us fold and love to point out our “illegitimacy.” This line of thought could not be further from the truth. This is why we will keep working, serving, and training. This is why we sought out accreditation and why we hold ourselves to a much higher standard!

We are not defined by the abortion lobby or their clinics. We are defined by our level of care and the services we provide, at no cost, mind you, to the patients that walk in our doors. This is what I am proud of and this is why we will continue to push and raise the bar. Our patients deserve the best care, not because they have money or because they have connections, but because they are a life that has value and they matter to us!

Thanks for standing with us and making this possible!!

posted by Andrew Wood, Executive Director of Hope Resource Center