This past week I attended a conference in San Diego, California. This conference was put on by Care Net, one of the largest pregnancy resource center umbrella organizations in the world. Care Net was established in 1975 in response to the legalizing of abortion in 1973. The founders ached for the unborn and decided to act. They allowed their desires and passions to drive them to action. It really is a beautiful picture of the Christian faith.

I had no idea what to expect from this conference. I did have a couple of assumptions though. I assumed I would be one of the few males in attendance and, secondly, that I would be one of the younger Executive Directors on hand. These assumptions turned out to be true. This did not, however, have a negative effect on my time. It was truly an honor to join the choir of those that have been standing for life longer than I have had breath in my lungs. It was truly a joy to see the forerunners of the life movement all in one place. Leaders that paved the way for millennials like myself. Leaders that didn’t shrink in the face of evil, but instead found themselves emboldened to stand when others refused. Leaders that carry the same passion today as they did 40 years ago. Leaders that have devoted their entire life to standing for strangers. Seeing this firsthand was truly awe-inspiring and encouraged me greatly.

Did you know there was a meeting occurring in CA this past week? Did you know that 1,200 people were joining together to learn, worship, and celebrate life? Did you know that people from all over the world were going to unite in one voice for those that have no voice? I am disappointed – but not surprised – that this 40th anniversary celebration of a life-saving organization was neglected by news outlets. Our “journalists” would rather discuss pronoun usage, weather, or the latest fad diet. This breaks my heart. Media outlets had a chance this week to discuss something special. They had a chance to celebrate life and those that have devoted their lives to saving others. Our culture has, unfortunately, become a culture of death, and the media empire has contributed greatly to this atrocity.

This truth, however, doesn’t mean we are to throw in the towel or become bitter. Instead, we should do what we have done since the beginning. Those that stand for life should continue to act. We should continue to step into the storm. We must continue to stand for all that is right and good. This movement has seen its ups and downs, but we are on the brink of something great. I am confident that more and more people are beginning to see the light. I am confident because I know for a fact that 1,200 people are back to work today standing for those that cannot stand for themselves. I am confident because I know that our God is in the life business. I am confident because, despite the lack of media coverage, folks are beginning to see their pro-life desires motivate them to action.

I realize that some reading this may be a bit nervous or hesitant because boldness is uncomfortable or a little scary. Let me encourage you. As Christians we have been called to the broken places. Broken places that are found in rural, urban, and suburban areas. Broken places where crisis is the norm and hurt is consistent. Broken places that are uncomfortable and forgotten. This was illustrated by Jesus as He stepped out of the temple. He engaged the culture. He met broken people in crisis right where they were. He penetrated the darkness with His light. He brought truth to the world through love, for love without truth is not a love at all. These must be coupled together in order for light to shine and eradicate the darkness. This practice was created and modeled by our Savior. He stepped in, so we must not step out. We must take our lead from the One that paved the way.

This past week was refreshing, but it must not stop there. We must continue this work and continue this stand for life. We have been called to this life movement. The numbers are staggering and frustrating, but they should also be motivating. We have the opportunity to do what Jesus did and love those that the world and culture ridicules. We have the opportunity to save and love moms, dads, the family, and the unborn. This calling should not be taken lightly, but should be one that is celebrated.

I am thankful for organizations like Care Net. I am thankful for the few that decided some 40 years ago to take a stand. I am thankful for the hearts of God’s people to step in to a culture that is broken. I am thankful for leaders that have paved the way for people like me in this movement. I am thankful for a Jesus that called me into the storm. I am thankful because I know that regardless of the size and destruction of this storm that we win in the end. We operate in victory, not fear. Let this motivate you today to love someone that culture says is unlovable and save someone that culture says has no right to life. Stand where others will not and watch as your stance and your love becomes contagious. Join us!

posted by Andrew Wood, Executive Director of Hope Resource Center