Does legacy matter to you? Do you ever give any thought to the world we might leave behind for future generations? I realize that these are lofty philosophical questions, but we must devote some of our time contemplating them. Our legacy should not be the sole driver or the why of our actions, but it should play a role as we live our life today.

These questions should haunt our thoughts and stay with us as we make choices in our life concerning our families, our jobs, our hobbies, our time, and our money. One day history will look back and decide which side we were on…the right side or the wrong side. I will admit that there is a bit of bias involved in this, but we must look past that and truly stand for all that is right and good in this world.

Oftentimes we refer to the WWII generation as the greatest generation this country has ever seen. Why do you think that is? Out of all the generations we have seen in this country, why them? I believe the admiration for this generation comes because of their willingness to do something. People boldly stood up for what was right and were willing to risk everything. This population did not sit back and wait for positive change to simply occur. They got up and they did something. Women went to work, men picked up a gun, and teenagers lied about their age so they could join the fight against evil. The legacy they left is truly awe-inspiring. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents all agree on this. Respect and love are showered on any and all WWII veterans, and rightfully so.

I bring this up because I am afraid this desire to leave a lasting legacy behind has missed much of society. We live in an “up is down” world; a world where the extremist label is given to those standing for life and not those promoting death; a world where political candidates joyfully accept endorsements from organizations that make their profits off the backs of the most vulnerable in our society; a world where women’s health means nothing if it does not include abortion at the top of the list; a world where life-affirming clinics are demonized and life-devaluing clinics are rewarded; a world where pregnancy is a sickness that needs to be remedied instead of a blessing that should be celebrated; a world where abortion is courageous and parenting is a burden. What legacy are we leaving behind? What will be said about this generation?

Times are dire, but our present does not have to be our future. We do not have to accept this as our lasting impact on society. We can make a change. We do this by putting action to words. We do this by boldly standing in opposition to those that champion death over life. We do this by actively seeking to help the hurting and the most vulnerable. We do this by taking the life message to the masses. We cannot sit and wait for a government program or for someone else do it. We must change our tone and seek to meet people where they are.

Is there a need in your community not being met? Are there hurting and broken people around you? It seems to me that many of us are comfortable with our current posture. We are comfortable at passing the buck and letting others fill the void. The void may be filled in this scenario but is it being filled with all that is right and good?

Washington D.C. and the political elite would like you to believe that the person with the most bravado holds the power in this country. We elevate the loud and sometimes obnoxious at the expense of the meek and mild. This is not how change occurs. Should we be vocal? Should we be loud at times? The answer to these questions is an unequivocal and an astounding YES! We must have our voice heard and give voice to those without one, but giving voice alone is not enough. We must also get involved and into the trenches.

This is who we are and who we should want to be. We should be a people that stands for the downtrodden and the vulnerable. We should be a people that gets off the couch and out of the church pew to impact the society around us. We should be a people that seek to be on the right side of history and stand for life, every life. Who do you want to be?

posted by Andrew Wood, Executive Director of Hope Resource Center