Abortion in the Modern Era Utilizes Telemedicine

Mother Jones recently featured an article discussing abortion in the modern era. We are living in a very progressive time. That’s right, our phones are now super computers, cars are driving themselves, and abortion doctors are seeing patients via teleconferencing. The author of the Mother Jones piece attempts to make the case for “remote abortions.” [...]


What is valuable to you? Where is your treasure? Do you find value in your home, your vehicle, your bank account, your family, your kids, your spouse, your animals, or your job? I am afraid that the things we value and hold dear are starting to diminish. Sure we treasure our “stuff,” but do we [...]

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A Blessing or a Curse

Every week it seems there is another story pointing to the absolute degradation of our culture. I realize that many will label this assessment as a musing from a nonsensical prude on our current society. Granted, those that label me as such would probably find very few commonalities with me on just about every topic. [...]

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The Alternative

The past few weeks have brought about a great deal of distress among our country. Distress that, at times, has even seen the pro-life and pro-choice communities come together in calling for action against the profiting and harvesting of body parts of aborted babies. Many continue to stand with Planned Parenthood, but we are beginning [...]

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Our Choices Matter

I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Charleston on family vacation. Some would argue that I should not write a post this week and simply take advantage of some much needed time off. I, partially, agree with this statement and plan to enjoy my week away from the office, but I struggle with [...]

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