Celebrate the Victories

This past week many in the life-movement had their eyes on Ohio and the “Heartbeat Bill” that found itself on Governor Kasich’s desk. I do not have space here to explain the entire piece of legislation but, in essence, this bill sought to prohibit abortion if a heartbeat was detected. This wasn’t the only bill [...]

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Because You Give

Today is “Giving Tuesday” and we are currently in the middle of our Year-End fundraising campaign. Fundraising is a must in our line of work, but, as I have said before, fundraising is not our goal; it is simply a vehicle used to reach our goal. Non-profit work, by nature, requires your gifts. We could [...]

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Now What

The seemingly never ending election has finally reached its culmination. Late tonight or early tomorrow we will be introduced to our 45th President. The feelings of the electorate will be mixed…some will celebrate while others feel a sense of disappointment. The two major political parties will go into spin mode and we will hear their [...]

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We Must Stay Focused

I truly feel like I am living in an alternate universe. This past Sunday, the largest abortion provider in this country was celebrated for reaching the 100 year milestone while pro-life clinics in California were demonized and forced by the government to hold hands with organizations that stand in direct opposition to a pro-life ethic [...]

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From Anger to Love

September 11, 2001 brought so much anger, disgust, and fear. None of us knew what the days before us would bring. The great America was no longer untouchable. We had become vulnerable and the enemy attacked that vulnerability. This day 15 years ago changed the lives of so many. It left kids orphaned, wives widowed, [...]

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