Abortion in the Modern Era Utilizes Telemedicine

Mother Jones recently featured an article discussing abortion in the modern era. We are living in a very progressive time. That’s right, our phones are now super computers, cars are driving themselves, and abortion doctors are seeing patients via teleconferencing. The author of the Mother Jones piece attempts to make the case for “remote abortions.” [...]

When Pro-Choice Means Fewer Options

Intellectual consistency and honesty is very important to me. Unfortunately, however, we live in a clickbait headline-driven world where intellectual consistency and honesty tends to take the back seat. We are seeing this type of faux journalism more and more as our political culture continues to careen into a polarizing heap of nonsense. What is [...]

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Thoughtful Conversations

I recently came across an article tweeted out by Planned Parenthood’s Political Action Committee. This PAC didn’t see the irony, or maybe they did, in lifting this quote: “Playing politics with abortion is playing with women’s lives…” Notice that the “playing politics” line is coming from a group that was built and formed to, well, [...]

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